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Orchid agar powder with soy peptone sowing/replanting media for culture flasks Tryptic soy agar media for microbiology 200mlSoy peptone - agar additive media/powder/culture soypeptone for microbiology useAgar, microbiological culture media, certified ultrapure, 30gMicrostreaker inoculation loop (nichrome) for inoculating agar or culture media
LinkOrchid agar powder with soy peptone sowing/replanting media for culture flasks Tryptic soy agar media for microbiology 200mlSoy peptone - agar additive media/powder/culture soypeptone for microbiology useAgar, microbiological culture media, certified ultrapure, 30gMicrostreaker inoculation loop (nichrome) for inoculating agar or culture media
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Orchid agar powder with soy peptone sowing/replanting media for culture flasks
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  • Brand: ukmushroomsupplies
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Tryptic soy agar media for microbiology 200ml
  • New,
  • Brand: Magnacol
  • MPN: TSA/200
Soy peptone - agar additive media/powder/culture soypeptone for microbiology use
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  • Brand: ukmushroomsupplies
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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Agar, microbiological culture media, certified ultrapure, 30g
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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
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  • Brand: GTI Laboratories Supplies
Microstreaker inoculation loop (nichrome) for inoculating agar or culture media
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  • Brand: ukmushroomsupplies
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Orchid agar powder with soy peptone sowing/replanting media for culture flasks
Orchid agar powder with soy peptone sowing/replanting media for culture flasks *

This listing is for orchid nutrient agar powder for sowing and for transplanting/transferring, choose which from the drop down menu.Both types contain high quality ingredients such as soy-peptone, agar, micro and macro vitamins and minerals, carbon (transplanting/transferring only) and sugars; along with other high quality ingredients.Available in packs of 20g, 50g or 100g which you can choose from the drop down menu.20g is enough to make 1litre of media which
will prepare approximately 25 culture flask or Petri dishes at 40ml per flask. We also have orchid culture flask available here; How to prepare agar:

1) Dissolve 20g of sowing or transplanting/transferring agar powder in 1 litre of hot water and stir until dissolved.

2) Autoclave/pressure cook for 25 minutes, ensuring
sterility thereafter.

3) Pour into Petri dishes or culture flasks and leave to set for 10 minutes.

After sterilising, it is very important that the agar is poured and handled aseptically to ensure that the agar does not contaminate.

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Tryptic soy agar media for microbiology 200ml
Tryptic soy agar media for microbiology 200ml*

The item for sale is a 200ml bottle of tryptic soy agar. This is the standard medium for preparation of petri dishes for culturing bacteria or for sterility testing.

We can also supply petri dishes, loops etc. or a complete microbiology starter kit. See our eBay shop for details.

We usually dispatch within 5 working days, however we aim to dispatch much quicker than this but please take into account that sometimes the service we use can itself suffer from delays.

If your order is urgent please let us know and we will ensure it is dispatched as a priority.

Payment accepted by cheque, paypal or postal order. Goods will only be dispatched on receipt / clearance of funds. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Health &
Safety: This product is not
classified as hazardous under REACH/CLP legislation.


Soy peptone - agar additive media/powder/culture soypeptone for microbiology use
Soy peptone - agar additive media/powder/culture soypeptone for microbiology use*

Additive for nitrogen-rich agar media: use 1 g per litre. Soy peptone is used for its broad nutrient spectrum and high vitamin and protein content, enriches agar powder mixes. Suitable for application in microbiology, mushroom tissue culture and fermentation.
Content analysis:Nitrogen = 7%Amino nitrogen: = 2.2 % Animal-free: complies GMO-free: complies pH (2 % solution): 6.5 - 7.5 Store in a cool, dark, dry place and in storage bag provided.

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Agar, microbiological culture media, certified ultrapure, 30g
Agar, microbiological culture media, certified ultrapure, 30g*


product is for research and development (R&D or RTD). Any other use the
purchaser will have to make their own determinations. This item will be shipped with accordance with DOT 49CFR/IATA
regulations, which will meet or exceed all of USPS regulations per 49CFR
172.101, published in Federal Register 10742. “Not responsible for customs
clearance or duties and taxes!”





culture media, certified ultrapure, 30g



Not for direct use
in food, cosmetics, finished pharmaceuticals or drug products.



CAS 9002-18-0

Lot A-668932



804-240-4719   5611 Northdale St., Houston, TX 77087



Biological testing spore count <1000CFU/g                     

Gel strength 600                                                          

Clarity of 1.5% aqueous solution 4.3                            

Gelation point 35°C                                             

Identification passes                                 

Light beige free flowing granular                      

Loss on drying 17.3%                                                         

point 88°C                         

pH of 1.5% aqueous solution 6.5                                      

Sulfated ash 3.6%

Trace impurities (%)  

Ca 0.179%      
Cl 0.021%         Co <0.001%       Cu <0.001%

Fe 0.002%       K 0.121%  
0.068%        Mn <0.001%

Na 0.837%      NO3
<0.005%   Pb <0.001%       PO4 <0.005%

S 0.841%         Sn
<0.001%      SO4 1.778%       Zn <0.001%


Not a dangerous
substance or mixture according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).  




Proper Shipping Name, RIDADR, DOT 49CFR Exceptions

HS Code


Domestic Ground

Not dangerous



International Air

Not dangerous


Microstreaker inoculation loop (nichrome) for inoculating agar or culture media
Microstreaker inoculation loop (nichrome) for inoculating agar or culture media*

Inoculation loop made of twisted nickel chromium wire with insulated handle. Measuring 22cm and the detachable and replaceable loop measuring 5cm, total length of approximately 25cm when handle is fitted with the nichrome loop. Ideal for inoculating/streaking agar plates.Any questions please ask.We also stock agar powder, ideal for use with this product. Find our agar powders here; Check out our !

M-2135 Nutrient Agar, 1/4 lb. Bacteria, culure media, microorganisms
M-2135 Nutrient Agar, 1/4 lb. Bacteria, culure media, microorganisms*

Nutrient Agar, 1/4 lb. Bacteria, culure media, microorganisms

  This dehydrated culture medium is used for the cultivation of a wide assortment of microorganisms as well as a base to which a variety of materials are added to create selective, differential, or enriched media for specific organisms.

Nutrient Agar contains:

  • Beef Extract 13%
  • Peptone 22%
  • Agar 65%

To rehydrate Nutrient Agar...

  1. Suspend 23 grams in a clean beaker with 1000ml of cold, distilled water. This will yield 50 plates (15 x 100mm). Use 11.5 grams in 500ml of water for a 25 plate yield.
  2. Heat to boiling to dissolve the agar completely. Stir with a flame-sterilized glass stir rod to help agar mix better.
  3. [Optional Step] Once mixed, transfer the suspension into a clean flask and sterilize in an autoclave for 15 minutes at 15 pounds pressure (121°C). (A pressure cooker can also be used). Remove from autoclave and let cool.
  4. Remove from heat. When agar has cooled to about 45°C (check temperature using a sterilized lab thermometer) it is ready to pour. Pour into sterile petri plates about 1/8”-1/4” deep and allow to set. Once the prepared plates have gelled, they can be used or refrigerated for future use. Store plates upside down with nutrient agar in upper half of plate. This will prevent condensation from dripping down and contaminating the agar growing surface.

Please call 800-372-6726 or email with any questions.

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Plant Tissue Culture Multiplication Media BA Microclone Clone Cloning 215 Agar
Plant Tissue Culture Multiplication Media BA Microclone Clone Cloning 215 Agar*

Prepare your own tissue culture medium.  Microclone Mult-BA contains 4.43g MS nutrients and vitamins, 4.4 micromoles BA multiplying hormone, 1ml PPM plant preservative, and 3.90 g of our exclusive Microclone Gel/agar mix.  Mix with two TBS (30g) sugar to make one liter multiplying tissue culture medium.One liter fills 50 Microclone Flip-Top vials, 30 baby food jars, 100 24mm tubes, or 20 MK5/GA7 vessels.  Average production per liter is 200 new clones every 4-6 weeks.  Please search Microclone Tissue Culture videos and photos online for mixing, plant preparation and handling videos.1) Add 940ml RO water to mixing container.  2) Pour in Mult-BA liquid.  3) pH to 5.8 if preparing liquid media or 6.3 or higher if preparing gelled media.  pH will fall about 0.5 point after adding gel powder.  pH to 5.8 before dispensing into vessels and sterilizing.

Media prep is best done in a clean kitchen.  Media is mixed, distributed into vessels, and
sterilized by pressure cooker or microwave. 
Extra water, paper towels, and instruments are sterilized for use in
transfer.  Give yourself enough counter
space to move and mix freely.

The kit contains MS media salts-hormone-PPM preservative
mix, Gel-agar powder, pH control kit, and special jar lids.  Home items that are needed are baby food jars
(BFJs), 40-50 brown or white commercial paper towels, and a pressure cooker.  Additional flip-tops are available from planttcdotcom.  A microwave will do in
place of a pressure cooker, but is not as good and less likely to completely

v  Mix
two tablespoons sugar into 900 ml cool purified water in a clean container with
a one-liter mark.  A one-quart Pyrex cup
makes mixing and dispensing easy.

v  Next
add MS-hormone-PPM liquid.  The most
common establishment and multiplication media is called B1 and is made from 1
mg BA, 0.1 mg NAA, and 1 ml PPM per liter. 
This is the Mult
formula in this kit and is the most common starting media.

v  Add
purified water to the 1-liter mark and pH correct to greater than 5.8 using the
test strips and pH up and down. Adding gel-agar will decrease the pH a few 0.1
of a point.

v  You
may wish to prepare a rack of liquid tubes at this point.  See “Liquid culture”.  If so, pH to 5.8 before adding agar and
dispense 7ml into each of the 16 screw-top tubes and prepare the vials with

v  Add
gel-agar in a gentle sweeping motion while stirring.  Avoid dry “balls” that are difficult to

v  pH
to 5.8 before distributing into vials.

Agar is special because it must be added to cold water.  Like gelatin, it will ball up and not dissolve
in hot water.  When added to the
solution, the powder will sink to the bottom of the container and must be
stirred while dispensing. 

Alternatively, heating is an optional method to disperse the
gelling agent evenly in the solution. 
Heat in a microwave or on the stovetop gently just until the solution
goes from cloudy to clear, usually about 10 minutes. 

 Dispense approximately 20 ml into each flip-top vial or 33
ml into each of the BFJs.  Small
measuring cups or a turkey baster make measured dispensing easier.  If using culture tubes for gel culture, fill
to 10 ml and set them at a slant for hardening while still hot from the
cooker.  The tubes are slanted because
water that is formed during cooling drips down the side of the tubes and may
drown a young explant. 

Cool Tool A magnetic stirrer is a handy tool for
mixing the media and again later for cleaning plants for culture.  It spins a magnetic bar in the bottom of the
mixing cup.  Magnetic stirrers are
available from lab supply stores and on eBay. 
Remember to remove the stir bar before microwaving. 

The vessels now need to be pressure-cooked or microwave
sterilized.  The pressure cooker works
best because it can hold the high temperature needed without the jars boiling
over.  Also metal lids and tools can be
cleaned in the pressure cooker but not in the microwave.

Pressure cookers are available in many sizes, but the 22-24
qt size works best.  Some pressure
cookers come with a wire rack and lifting handle to keep the jars off the
bottom and make handling easier.  They
should all have a canning rack to keep jars off the bottom.  If your cooker did not come with a rack; you
can make one from galvanized wire and hardware cloth.  First you will need to know the arrangement
of the jars that will fit into your cooker. 
If they all don’t fit in one batch, split them into two even batches for
uniformity.  Jars can be double-stacked
for space.  Save room for the purified
water, paper towels and instruments. 
Wrap the paper towels and instruments loosely in aluminum foil for
sterilizing.  The foil will keep them
clean when moved to the transfer hood. 
Fit foil over the top of the water jars or fit caps loosely.  Foil should reach two inches below the neck
of the Mason jar.  Fill the jars 70
percent full to avoid splashing.

Follow the instructions your pressure cooker manufacturer’s
manual.  Begin warming the cooker before
loading.  Use only distilled or purified
water in the pressure cooker.  A load of
30 jars and 1 or 2 pints of water will take 20-25 minutes just to begin
building pressure.  You can save some
time by preheating the cooker while you prepare the media.

The Presto cooker has an aluminum vent button that
allows the air to escape until it has built a good head of steam.  It will automatically pop up and seal when
the steam is venting fast enough. 
Pressure cookers without an auto-vent should be heated without the
pressure weight on until a steady stream of steam is coming out.  When the vents are closed, the pressure gauge begins to climb.  Heat
on full to 15 psi, and then adjust heat lower to keep pressure steady. 

At 15 psi, the weight is lifted and a small bit of steam
begins escaping.  That is the sound of
proper pressure.  Use a cooking timer and
watch the pressure.  Do not leave the
cooker unattended.  After 20 minutes,
turn off heat and allow cooker to cool. 
Do not attempt to open cooker early. 
The Presto vent button drops when the pressure is gone.  

Note:  The best
tool for sterilizing is an autoclave. 
Countertop autoclaves with their own steam are available secondhand from
dentists and tattoo-tool sterilizing or laboratory supplies.  Autoclaves have a pressure gauge, timer, and
sometimes, automatic cycles.  A German
company called Gallenkamp makes a portable electric autoclave that does not
need a stove.  Try a trial run with water
only to learn the heat settings and timing. 
Do not run dry or use non-autoclavable plastics. 

v  The
cooker is filled to the recommended level with reverse osmosis-filtered,
distilled, or deionized water to prevent dissolved materials from precipitating

v  Stack
jars and instruments in a stable pattern on the protective bottom plate. 

v  Seal
the lid tightly and add heat at a reasonable rate.  Leave the valve open until the steam is
steady, and then close the valve until pressure is reached. 

v  Pressure
must be maintained at 15 psi and 250°F (121°C) for 20 minutes. 
Pressures fluctuate, so do not leave cooker alone.

v  The
cooker must be allowed to cool without lifting the pressure weight or releasing

v  The
jars can still be at boiling temperature and boil over.  Leave the pot until it is below 90 degrees C
or about 20-30 min. 

Take this time to clean the hood and bench area for media
cooling.  That makes about 50 minutes for
a cycle or just over an hour to make media. 
Label the corner of the media rack with the media type and hormone code
and take it to the clean hood to cool.

Microwave Preparation 

Microwave treatment depends on the energy and age of
the oven, the vessel, volume, and water. 
The original procedure called for two Pyrex bottles of water to run near
the agar to keep them from boiling over. 
The jars would then be run for either 7-½ minutes with 250ml water in each jar or 10
minutes with 900ml.  A new procedure is
to do away with heat sinks altogether.

v  Place
a paper towel on the microwave carousel and arrange jars in a single
layer.  Use only polypropylene or
microwave-safe lids, no metal lids. 

v  Make
sure lids are loose to prevent tops from boiling off.  Add a microwave-safe plate or baking dish
across the tops as a weight. 

v  Heat
on high until the first jars boil but before they boil over.  Pause for ten seconds and repeat.  If the jars are heating unevenly, rearrange
them and continue. 

Three or four boiling cycles are usually recommended.  Microwave ovens cannot produce the steady
heat and pressure of the pressure cooker.

Very Important        

v  Contaminants
can be pulled into jars as contents cool. 
Make sure air is clean.

v  The
vessels must be allowed to cool before transplants can be put in them.  Allow the gel to harden.  Moving around while hardening breaks the gel.

v  Paper
towels will have condensate in them. 
Transfer them to a warm oven for a few minutes to dry.

v  Allow
sterile water to cool before using it on plants.  This takes a while.

v  Media
may be stored for up to two weeks.

Noch heute sollst du hängen [Blu-ray](NEU/OVP/Mediabook)John Agar, Clint Eastwoo
Noch heute sollst du hängen [Blu-ray](NEU/OVP/Mediabook)John Agar, Clint Eastwoo*

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Prestige Classic Media 12 Liter Agar Sterilizer Autoclave 230V
Prestige Classic Media 12 Liter Agar Sterilizer Autoclave 230V*

FREE SHIPPING inside the United StatesThis is a BRAND NEW in the box Prestige Classic Media 12 Liter Agar Sterilizer Autoclave 230V. If you need to sterilize liquids or media or eliminate the risk of cross infection through contaminated waste, then the Classic Media autoclave offers a professional, reliable and cost effective solution.

A controlled cycle profile ensures that, when used in schools, the media used by students in experiments will have real validity. Uncontrolled sterilization using pressure cookers or other devices can result in media not being properly sterilized. In a research setting, Classic Media offers a convenient and personalized solution to media sterilization and a flexible alternative to larger, communal autoclaves.

Fully automatic:Classic Media has one fixed cycle which is pre-programmed and fully automatic.

There is no need for operator programming of cycle parameters.

There is no need for constant supervision of the unit during the cycle meaning staff are free to undertake other activities.

Special software accurately controls the temperature and pressure during the cycle, ensuring that operating parameters are accurate and cycle profiles are repeatable.

Saftey as standard:The Classic Media has a built in safety mechanism which prevents the lid from being opened until the internal temperature has fallen below 80C

Multiple safety devices protect against over temperature and over pressure situations:- Eliminates the risk of thermal shock to super-heated vessels, ensuring that glassware is protected- Controls cooling to ensure that there is no boil over of liquids.

Reliability:The Classic Media offers an unrivalled combination of ease of use, cost effectiveness and the highest level of reliability. This ensures that your classic Media, if maintained and use in accordance with our recommended procedures, will five many years of safe and repeatable use.

Key Features:- Easy to use with a simple, single button cycle start- Fully compliant to all relevant standards- Lightweight and portable- Optional printer for data capture- Two capacities for maximum flexibility- Suitable for media sterilization and also destructive sterilization- Small footprint-occupies only a small area of bench space- Only one consumable item-the sealing gasket

Specifications:Max width: 340mmMax height: 420mmMax net weight: 4.8kg/10.6lbs.Chamber diameter: 210mmChamber capacity: 12 LitersMax instrument length: 290mmMax load weight: 4kg/8.8 lbs.Max capacity (liquids):2x500mlSterilizing temperature: 121CMin. sterilizing time: 28 minutesoperating pressure:1.05 barVoltage: 230VWattage: 1250wFrequency: 50-60HzPlease contact your local, state or federal health department about specific requirements for sterilization in your area. Important Notice: This is a 230V unit and is not suitable for 120V outlets.

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In Vitro Cultivation of Leishmania Donovani in Nnn and Milk Agar Media by El-say
In Vitro Cultivation of Leishmania Donovani in Nnn and Milk Agar Media by El-say*

In Vitro Cultivation of Leishmania Donovani in Nnn and Milk Agar Media
by El-sayed Abdullatif Al-sayed Soha

Estimated delivery

3-12 business days


Brand New


  • ISBN 3659641502
  • ISBN-13 9783659641503
  • Title In Vitro Cultivation of Leishmania Donovani in Nnn and Milk Agar Media
  • Author El-sayed Abdullatif Al-sayed Soha
  • Format Paperback
  • Year 2014
  • Pages 64
  • Publisher Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Dimensions9 in. x 6 in.


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Hoe tevreden de klanten zijn met het betreffende product blijkt heel goed uit de reviews en evaluaties geschreven door de kopers. Maar natuurlijk moet iedere koper zelf weten wat hij wil en welke eisen hij aan het Agar Media product stelt.

Het is ook aan te raden om een aantal klantbeoordelingen te lezen. Omdat veel producten om een subjectieve reden een slechte beoordeling krijgen. Dit betekent echter niet dat het genoemde negatieve aspect u ook moet storen.

Consumentenbond Koopadvies voor Agar Media

Er zijn tal van redenen om te zoeken naar goedkope Agar Media voor een goede prijs. Misschien bent u een koopjesjager die er gewoonweg van geniet om de beste prijs te vinden voor het product dat u wilt hebben. Of u wilt een product maar één keer uitproberen voor beginners. De goedkoopste aanbiedingen vind je meestal op eBay, de goedkopere producten – zelfs de testwinnaars – zijn zelden te vinden bij andere aanbieders.

Er zijn echter een aantal dingen waar je je bewust van moet zijn voordat je Agar Media koopt. Allereerst moet u de volgende vragen zelf beantwoorden:

  • Hoeveel wil ik uitgeven?
  • Moet het eerder een goedkoop product of een merkapparaat zijn?
  • Welke maat, kleur en kenmerken moet het product hebben?
  • Waar is het ideale gewicht?
  • Zijn er ervaringen of testrapporten voor het betreffende product?
  • Hoe waarderen klanten het Agar Media product?

Interessante Agar Media video’s

Als u wilt dat wij u helpen bij de aankoop van Agar Media, is de eerste vraag precies wat u wilt. Want misschien heb je al een soortgelijk product en wil je het vervangen, bijvoorbeeld als je een vergelijking hebt gemaakt en de huidige testwinnaar wilt kopen.

Misschien bent u op zoek naar een goedkoop Agar Media product om mee te beginnen, dat u uitgebreid wilt testen om uw eerste ervaring op te doen. Het maakt niet uit waarom u op zoek bent, wij zullen altijd proberen om u te ondersteunen buiten de test, zodat u het best mogelijke item voor uw behoeften te vinden.

Natuurlijk kunnen we hier een collectie producten presenteren, maar dat helpt u niet. Integendeel, je zou alleen ontevreden en gefrustreerd zijn na de aankoop, omdat je niet de mogelijkheid hebt om te vergelijken. Daarom geven wij u hier een compilatie van goede Agar Media, die vaak gekocht worden en goede recensies hebben ontvangen van de kopers.

Verdere bronnen en links

Zodra u deze vragen voor uzelf heeft beantwoord, kunt u daadwerkelijk van start gaan. Op deze pagina bieden wij u verschillende gereedschappen waarmee u het juiste Agar Media product kunt vinden.

Wat we niet konden opnemen in de productvergelijkingwordt zeker bepaald door onze links naar de nuttige informatie die u nodig heeft. Een kleine extra zoekopdracht is altijd geschikt. De links leiden ook tot uitgebreide vergelijkingen van overeenkomstige producten:

We hopen dat we u op uw weg een goede ondersteuning hebben gegeven. We hebben de producten echter niet zelf getest, en zelfs de handige vergelijkingswinnaars maken we niet bekend. Maar op deze pagina bieden we je de bestsellers en highscores van eBay in een duidelijke vorm.

[Recensies: 385 /// Artikel gemiddeld gewaardeerd met: 4.14 van 5.]

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